Love for Sale is a series inspired by the desire we all have for love. Typographic influence comes from old showcard sign painting in store windows and grocery stores advertising sales and specials. This is just the style needed for a no-nonsense marketing campaign. Some are sweet, some are dirty, some are just plain silly. Such is love.  

For those of us who are single, these signs comprises a sales pitch highlighting well-honed skill sets, and the promise of romance with a witty edge. For those who are in a relationship these signs will keep the spirit alive. 

The series of 11”x14” hand painted signs is designed to attract the passerby with a hot pink painted aluminum background that is flat and almost unbearably vibrant. The lettering is painted in traditional sign painter's 1 Shot in black, white and grey, offering a glossy contrast to the hot pink. The visual sales pitch promises love that is simultaneously shocking and traditional, like the signs themselves.
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