This is the sixth year going we've created this festive calendar of silly (but totally real) holidays. As someone who was not brought up religiously I have always delighted in bizarre, non denominational holidays. Created as both a set of 12 digitally printed 4 x 6 postcards and a screen printed poster. 

Holidays featured this year include:
January 30 - Answer Your Cat's Question Day
February 25 - I am the Greatest Day
March 29 - Leisure Suit Saturday
April 9 - Astronaut Day
May 11 - Let's Go Fishing Day
June 15 - National Electricity Day
July 10 - Video Game Day
August 20 - Sit Back and Relax Day
September 19 - Laundry Day
October 2 - Name Your Car Day
November 14 - Peanut Butter Lovers Day
December 9 - Letter Writing Day

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