Art Work


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knowItAll_Indeed.jpg knowItAll_no.jpg

knowItAll_I.jpg knowItAll_yes.jpg

knowItAll_better.jpg knowItAll_good.jpg

knowItAll_id.jpg knowItAll_unlikely.jpg

knowItAll_what.jpg knowItAll_if.jpg


Installation at Sketchbook Project
Ask the Know-It-All Box any Yes or No question and open it up to reveal the answer. Then look through all the cards available, select one and place it on top of the pile. Close the box and leave your selected answer for the next participant. I've always been obsessed with fortune cookies, magic eight balls, ouija boards and psychics. This project was about indecision and also anonymity.

Each card was designed using Composite Condensed a revival typeface I did while studying at Type@Cooper and they were drawn using gold pens. I looked at old packaging and French Art Nouveau pieces for inspiration for the tin box that holds the cards.

Can be viewed and used at the Sketchbook Project headquarters on N3rd St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Arthouse Co-op
103 N3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11211