2016 Calendar of Silly Holidays

Hand Lettering and Illustration for funny and real holidays

Creative Direction, Illustration, Typography
Something fun to enjoy for all of 2016! Set of 12 digitally printed 4 x 6 postcards on heavy weight card stock with hand done lettering and illustration. One for each month with a silly (but totally real!!) holiday printed with super bright, vibrant CMYK, great for all you 80s fans and design nerds. 
This year's holidays include:
Festival of Sleep Day - January
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day - February
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day - March
Record Store Day - April
Lost Sock Memorial Day - May
Donut Day - June
All or Nothing Day - July
National Bowling Day - August
One Hit Wonder Day - September
Face Your Fears Day - October
Take A Hike Day - November
Monkey Day - December 
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